The Mental Yentl, Songs from a Lifelong Student of Crazy

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The Mental Yentl, Songs from a Lifelong Student of Crazy


In this DOUBLE-DISC CD, Sally celebrates career highlights from 25 years of stage work and contributions to the  4BBabes.’ This collection includes many NEW SONGS that have never been released, along with UPDATED VERSIONS of fan favorites from her 5 solo recordings.  This anthology of 34 songs stands alone as a great compilation of her music, in addition to serving as the soundtrack to her new book, THE MENTAL YENTL, Stories from a Lifelong Student of Crazy.

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Product Description

You can think of Sally’s two-disc CD as the gloriously virtuosic (and often, down-right funny) sound track to her new book—or, on its own, as a gorgeously inspirational and melodically epic tour de force. Either way, the 34-song anthology is an invitation to binge (listen with or without chocolate). Fans will recognize several newly-recorded versions of all-time favorites, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, ONE EASY DAY, BOY ON WHEELS, and will treasure the lilting and uplifting beauty of her new YIDDISHE MAMA/HATIKVAH piano instrumental. A maverick pianist / guitar player and a powerhouse of a vocalist, Sally gives us a combination of tender ballads such as, FACES ON MY WALL, THESE ARE THE THINGS, THE TABLE, HARRY & ESTHER, THE RETURN, and soaring anthems like I’LL BE THE ONE, LONG LONESOME ROAD, DON’T MESS WITH ME, I’M SOMEBODY’S MOTHER. She walks the Babe-Walk with her kick-in-your seat musical punchlines, CHOCOLATE, DO-ME-SHOW-ME-BUY-ME-LOVE-ME-GIVE-ME, JEWISH KID BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY TALKING BLUES, THE DREIDEL DO-OVER and BREAKFAST DISHES. Included in this ultimate collection is the delicate duet with Janis Ian on LITTLE GIRL PLEASE WAIT, as well as PRIVATE PLENTY, the song of self acceptance she wrote with Tom Paxton. After years of recording and touring, Sally asks us to sit up and listen, take stock in our lives and with bravado, applaud the crazy in our worlds.




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